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MS-700 - Training - Managing Microsoft Teams

Companion material and resources for the course 'Managing Microsoft Teams' delivery by Ricardo Cabral.

MS-700 - Training - Managing Microsoft Teams

Companion Material and Resources for Class Delivery by Ricardo Cabral.

Training for Microsoft Official Course (MOC) MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams

Azure DevOps professionals combine people, process, and technologies to continuously deliver valuable products and services that meet end user needs and business objectives.

About the course

This course is anyone who will manage Microsoft 365 Teams. This course is focus on Teams management tools, security and compliance feature for Teams, network requirement for Teams deployment as well as different Teams settings and policies for managing collaboration and communication experience in Teams.

Audience Profile

Students in this course are interested in Microsoft Teams or in passing the Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate certification exam.


The overview of Microsoft Azure Certified is available here.

The Microsoft poster Certified is available here.

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Training documentation

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Exam certification

Exam information is available here.

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UI changes

Microsoft Teams is a cloud service and its entire UI can change dynamically.

The navigation in Microsoft Teams admin center was updated to find what you need, check here for more information.

Old Location/Name New Location/Name
Org-wide settings > External access Users > External access
Org-wide settings > Guest access Users > Guest access
Org-wide settings > Teams settings Teams > Teams settings
Org-wide settings > Teams upgrade Teams > Teams upgrade settings
Org-wide settings > Holidays Voice > Holidays
Org-wide settings > Resource accounts Voice > Resource accounts
Locations > Reporting labels Analytics & reports > Reporting labels
Users Users > Manage users
Teams > Update policies Teams > Teams update policies

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Hands-on Labs

The oficial Hands-on Labs are available here.


Other Microsoft tools and workshops

Microsoft Tools and/or Workshops Description
End-user training for Microsoft Teams Get you up and running with Teams.
How to roll out Teams Recommended path to rolling out Teams.
Microsoft Teams Customer Success Kit This kit contains a wide range of presentations, email templates, tips & tricks, and posters that you can use to roll out and drive the adoption of Teams in your organization.
Office 365 Government Customers Plan for Microsoft 365 Government deployments
Teams for Education - Quick start for admins Use this tutorial to walk you through a Teams rollout for your education organization.
Teams technical training Resources to educate yourself, teach others, or run workshops.

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Software List

Software list to run the hands-on labs is available here

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Sample URL
Dial plan normalization rules is available Link here
Call Analytics reports tenant data is available Link here
Microsoft Teams development samples from Microsof Link here
Microsoft Teams development samples from Microsoft 365 Platform Community Link here
Sample apps from the Microsoft Teams store Link here


Template URL
App templates for Microsoft Teams Link here
Create a custom team template in Microsoft Teams Link here
Power BI query templates for Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) reports in Teams is available Link here
Microsoft Teams App Templates Link here

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Licensing & Pricing

Note: Some Microsoft Docs links may not work due to documentation changed in the repository.

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Here are presented totally free digital resources in web format (Web Sites, Blogs, …), newsletter and ebooks.

Web Sites, Blogs, …

Title Description URL
Microsoft Teams Blog Learn best practices, news, and trends directly from the team behind Microsoft Teams. Link here

Free ebooks

Title Author Launch date URL
Crash course in Microsoft Teams Microsoft 2019 Link here
Microsoft Teams quick start guide Microsoft 2021 Link here

Note: Some ebooks are free for limited time


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User Groups

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